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Monday, June 06, 2005

Jake Faust

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During the early morning hours of April 4, san Diego musician, artist, writer and actor Jacob Faust was shot and killed by the sdpd in what they said was a routine traffic stop. The sdpd's version of events, which has been trumpeted and amplified by the corporate media, doesnt add up and Jake's family and friends are pursuing truth and justice. This shooting is one of a long line of shootings and brutality by a police department that thinks it can get away with just about anything, and does.

Family Seeks Witnesses In Police Shooting Death

Friends and family of a local man shot and killed by police are looking for any witnesses to his shooting.

The family of Jacob Faust says an autopsy report contradicts what police told them about his death.

Twenty-five-year-old Faust was shot and killed by police on the morning of April 4 in front of the Golden West Hotel downtown.

According to police, he was pulled over for a traffic violation and was shot while reaching for what later turned out to be a fake gun.

But Faust's family says the autopsy report shows he was shot from opposite directions, which contradicts what police told them about the incident.

Faust grew up in the San Diego area and had no criminal record.