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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Video of Cops Torturing Woman

Florida police officers released video footage of an arrest where they used a taser gun twice on an uncooperative female driver.

In Boynton Beach, Florida, Officer Rich McNevin pulled Victoria Goodwin over for speeding, and soon discovered that she was also driving without a valid license, a broken windshield and a nonfunctioning brake light.

When Officer McNevin asked Goodwin to step out of the vehicle, she refused. When he opened her car door and attempted to pull her out, Goodwin started yelling.

Officer McNevin tased Goodwin after warning her at least three times. When Goodwin fell to the ground screaming, Officer McNevin ordered her to lie on her stomach, but within minutes tased her a second time.

Sgt. Sedrick Aiken says Officer McNevin was forced to use his taser gun the first time because she pulled away from him, and the second time because the suspect hadn't been searched for weapons. He added that she could've injured herself or someone else.

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Video courtesy CBS affiliate WPEC