Cop Watch

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

State Police Officer Investigated For Bike Week Incident

CONCORD, N.H. -- An investigation of a police officer has been launched following an incident witnessed by the state's top cop during Motorcycle Week.

News9 learned that state police arrested a man described as drunk and belligerent during the closing hours of Motorcycle Week and took him to a booking center at Weirs Beach. While in custody, the man struggled against his handcuffs and repeatedly shouted profanity at officers.

According to sources, after a number of attempts to silence the man, an unidentified state police lieutenant took a piece of duct tape and taped the man's mouth shut.

This occurred in front of Col. Fred Booth, head of the state police, who immediately stepped in and demanded that the tape be removed.

"The colonel did witness an incident that may be inappropriate," said Earl Sweeney, assistant commissioner of safety. "We've launched an internal investigation."