Cop Watch

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Miami-Dade police chase, kill suspect after scuffle in store's aisles

Miami-Dade Police shot and killed a suspected car thief late Sunday after chasing him into a Liberty City convenience store and fighting with him through the aisles of the store, officials said.

Authorities would not comment on witness reports that one of the officers was shot in the leg with his Taser gun during the scuffle. But police did confirm that the officer who killed the man was treated for high-blood pressure at a local hospital.

Officers Carol McKinnon, 46, and Guipson Balthazar, found Morris hiding in the back near the freezer area.

Omar said employees told him a female officer tried to chase Morris out of the store, but fell near the Florida Lottery stand near the exit door. The employees also told Omar that McKinnon shot Morris while on the floor, he said.