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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Policewoman uses taser to kill 18-year-old boy

An 18-year-old Akron man died soon after a Springfield Township Patrolwoman Christine Albrecht stunned him with a Taser gun Saturday.

Police officer arrested on child molestation charge

Gray Police Department patrolman James Albert (Jay) Clark II was arrested Friday and charged with one count of child molestation, according to special agent in charge Tom Davis of the Milledgeville office of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Gray Police Chief Billy Bagwell said the GBI issued an arrest warrant for Clark, 22, on Friday morning and that Clark turned himself in to the Jones County Law Enforcement Center.

Capt. Guy Mosteller of the Jones County Sheriff's Department said Clark was booked and released Friday afternoon on a $5,000 property bond.

Correction officer convicted

A 15-year county correction officer was convicted yesterday of stealing from an inmate at the Rockland County jail.

Terry Street, 41, of 31 Eagle St., Chestnut Ridge, was convicted of fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, and will be dismissed from his county job, Rockland Undersheriff Thomas Guthrie said.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut! - May 26/2005

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This week:

Tennessee cop indicted on rape charge

Louisiana cop charged with aggravated rape

Mississippi cop gets 20 years in sexual assault case

Missouri cop found guilty of first degree murder

Iowa trooper pleads not guilty to sex assault of 7 year-old

Texas cops guilty of molesting 5 women at police station

NYC cops fail to investigate murder

LAPD officer arrested after drunken hit and run boating accident

Ohio cop throws kittens from moving car

New Mexico cop arrested for trespassing in ex-wife's home

Connecticut cop fired after beating 3 women in 4 years


A report on the recommendations and findings of Ontario's first inquest into a taser related death featuring an interview with Patti Gillman.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Former Officer Guilty in Sex Case

A former Balcones Heights police officer who was accused of fondling five women he arrested was found guilty of charges in federal court Friday.

Twenty-eight-year-old Rolando Trevino was convicted of violating the women’s civil rights.

Police officer convicted of killing lover

COLUMBIA, Missouri (Court TV) -- A jury found a Missouri patrolman guilty Saturday of killing a gay college student who had talked about revealing their sexual affair to the police chief.

Steven Rios, a married junior officer in this university town's police force, was convicted of the first-degree murder of his lover, Jesse Valencia, 23.

Tarpon Officer Arrested After Ybor Club Fight

TAMPA - A Tarpon Springs police officer was arrested after a fight at an Ybor City nightclub early Sunday.

Tampa police arrested Thanh Trunh Nguyen, 28, three other men and a teen after a man told officers he'd been hit on the head with a bottle and kicked at club Skye, 1509 E. Eighth Ave.

Joseph Lallamant, 29, of St. Petersburg, identified Nguyen as the man who kicked him, police said.

Nguyen and the other men said they tried to break up a fight and didn't hit Lallamant.

Nguyen was charged with misdemeanor battery and released on $500 bail Sunday. He is on administrative leave pending an investigation, Tarpon Springs police said

LAPD officer arrested for alleged hit-and-run

A Los Angeles police officer was arrested in Monterey County for allegedly driving his boat into another watercraft and then fleeing the scene without helping two injured boaters.

Sheriff's deputies said Officer David Ernest Guzman, 30, was arrested Saturday near Lake San Antonio for investigation of boating under the influence, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and failing to render aid.

Officer arrested for allegedly firing gun from vehicle

OCONOMOWOC - An Oconomowoc police officer is on administrative leave following an incident involving the alleged discharge of a firearm while off duty.

District Attorney Paul Bucher said the incident involves David Borenz and the discharge of a firearm from a personal vehicle while off duty. The officer was arrested earlier this week by the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, according to Oconomowoc Police Chief Hugh Martin.

Man Shot With Taser by Tustin Police Dies

A man shot by Tustin police with a Taser in an apartment that they believed he was burglarizing died Monday, authorities said.

Richard Alvarado, 38, of Orange, was pronounced dead at Western Medical Center-Santa Ana about 10:40 a.m.

Man Dies by Police Taser

A Spring Township man is dead, one day after a scuffle with police.

Officer Suspended For Using Taser Inappropriately

LAKELAND, Fla. -- A police officer at a high school was punished for twice using his Taser inappropriately, including one time when five school baseball players asked him to shock them and he obliged.

The 29-hour suspension against Officer Michael Branch was issued Friday.

It came after an internal affairs investigation determined Branch erred in shocking the five Lakeland High School players and stunning two students who wouldn't get out of his way as he tried to break up a fight.

This comes not long after a previous incident involving the use of a taser on a thirteen year old girl in handcuffs: SEE BELOW

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An officer has been suspended for zapping a 13-year-old girl at least twice with a stun gun while she was handcuffed in his caged patrol car.

An internal report by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Llahsmin Lynn Kallead was handcuffed and in the back seat of the patrol car when Officer G.A. Nelson stunned her, the Florida Times-Union reported for Tuesday editions.

Nelson and his partner had been called to the apartment Kallead shares with her mother Rosie Vaughan because they were fighting Feb. 7.

Vaughan wanted police to help get medical help for her daughter, who had been hospitalized for observation in the past for emotional disorders, the newspaper said.

Nelson, a 6-foot-2 officer weighing 300 pounds, allegedly used the low-setting stun mode when the 4-foot-8 Kallead wormed the handcuffs from behind her back and would not do as directed. "The situation was under control at this point," the internal report said.

Sgt. D.E. Smith, who was called to the scene, said, "Please don't tell me this is the person you Tased."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut! - May 19/2005

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This week:

California cop molests 11-month old daughter

Missouri cop arrested for beating girlfriend

Wisconsin cop arrested on domestic charge

Drunk Texas cop kills man in accident

NYC cop responsible for miscarriage?

NJ cop allegedly tries to kill ex-wife

South Carolina cop arrested for beating handcuffed man

Alabama sex offender cop suspended

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Police officer sentenced for sexually molesting his 11-month-old daughter

In imposing the sentence on Stephen Gallagher at the Hall of Justice in San Jose, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Ronald T. Lisk chose a middle ground between the 10-year sentence sought by the girl's mother and the prosecutor, and the probation request by defense attorney Daniel Jensen.

The girl's mother told the prosecutor she was glad Gallagher was going to jail, but still believed he should have gotten the maximum, Gibbons-Shapiro said. She agreed with the prosecutor, who argued for the full 10 years because of the ``disgusting and horrendous nature of the crime with this 11-month-old-baby.''

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Man dies after Taser shot

UNION TWP. - A 31-year-old man died about an hour after an officer with Clermont County's Union Township Police shot him with a Taser gun Friday.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine how Vernon A. Young died.

While Young is the first person in Greater Cincinnati to die shortly after being shot with the 50,000-volt weapon, he is among a growing number of people nationally who have died after being shot with a Taser.

Readers react to police use of Taser on pregnant driver

When two Seattle police officers and their sergeant decided to arrest a motorist who refused to sign a ticket, the result was a confrontation that only ended after one officer applied a Taser to the woman, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

Malaika Brooks, the motorist involved, was convicted last week in Seattle Municipal Court of failing to obey a police officer because she did not sign the ticket. The same jury was not able to agree on whether she actually resisted arrest, which is the reason officers say they used a Taser to arrest her.

A story reporting the incident in Tuesday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer drew strong reactions from readers, who responded with more than 150 e-mails.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Martinsville Officer Disciplined

Daniel Wright, a long-time police officer with the NMPD, has been ordered to appear before Circuit Judge John T. Madden on Thursday, May 19, to answer the charges brought against him. According to the indictment, Wright, a long-time police officer with the NMPD, allegedly touched the victim's genital area under her clothing and forced her to touch his genitals through his clothing.

Dallas Officer Arrested On Extortion Charges

DALLAS -- Dallas police arrested one of their own Thursday morning. Officer James Quaite, a three-year veteran of the department, was accused of extortion.

The charges allege that Quaite would release suspects in exchange for cash. The alleged criminal activity would occur after Quaite made a traffic stop.

During the stop, Quaite would run a warrant check on the stopped driver. If the driver had an outstanding warrant for his or her arrest, Quaite would offer to release the person if he were paid in cash, according to police.

Foristell Police Officer Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend

KSDK - A Foristell Police officer was arrested and charged with beating his girlfriend. Prosecutors say Officer Kenneth Rosa was riding in a vehicle with his girlfriend and the couple's two children when he and his girlfriend got into a fight. Prosecutors say Rosa used his gun to strike his girlfriend in the back of the head.

Officer Rosa has been charged with one count of domestic assault in the first degree and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Beloit police officer arrested, suspended

Officer Sheldon Kroning was arrested Tuesday morning for domestic related disorderly conduct, Chief Sam Lathrop said. The charge is a misdemeanor.

The incident actually occurred between Kroning and a live-in girlfriend around 3 or 4 a.m. but was not immediately reported to police. Police were called around 9 a.m. and when it was discovered that an officer was involved, two sergeants were sent to the home, Lathrop said.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Homestead officer fatally shoots man after scuffle in front of store

Homestead -- A police officer shot and killed a man outside a grocery store in this South Miami-Dade city Thursday after the two got into a scuffle.

Jason Williams, 28, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

When Green arrived at the grocery store, he asked Williams, who was standing outside, to leave. Police said Williams became belligerent, which led to a physical altercation between the two men.Williams threw Green against the doorway and an adjacent wall, police said.Fearing for his life, Green drew his gun and shot Williams, hitting him in the stomach.

Bad Cop, No Donut! - May 12/2005

Your weekly wrap-up of North American police brutality misconduct and corruption.

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This week:

New Mexico cop arrested for molesting child

Pennsylvania cop sentenced for sex with boy

Washington cop resigns over sex assault allegation

Indiana cop fondles girl

Michigan cop charged with murder

Arizona cop arrested in connection with murder

California cop kills brother, no charges

Tennessee cop charged in homicide

Wisconsin cop get plea deal for sex with two boys


An interview with Min Sook Lee, writer and director of the documentary film Hogtown: The Politics of Policing

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Officer charged with assault with automobile

ABC agent Vince Elchos initially was charged with simple assault by James Alexander following a March 29 incident on West Industrial Park Road. City Prosecutor Raymond Boutwell recently upgraded that charge to aggravated assault because a vehicle was involved in the alleged assault.

Officer charged with fraud makes restitution

SAN DIEGO – A former California Highway Patrol officer, who filed a false insurance claim reporting his $10,000 personal motorcycle stolen, made restitution Monday, a prosecutor said.

But a judge's absence today forced the postponement of sentencing for 26- year-old Andrew English, who pleaded guilty March 1 to a single felony charge.

Officer arrested twice in domestic dispute

A Portland police sergeant arrested Saturday and released on a charge that he assaulted his wife found himself in jail again Monday for trying to contact her — a violation of his bail agreement.

Sgt. Eric Burton Torgerson was arrested at 12:23 a.m. Monday for trying to make arrangements to meet his wife — the two are divorcing — through a mutual friend, Clackamas County sheriff’s officials said. The 11-year Police Bureau veteran posted $7,500 bail Monday, the same amount he paid Saturday to be released from jail on the assault charge.

Torgerson, 36, has been accused before of using poor judgment and excessive force.

State trooper charged with murder

A Michigan State Police trooper was charged Monday with second-degree murder in the on-duty shooting death of a homeless man outside a Detroit bar, the Wayne County Prosecutor's office said.

Trooper Jay Morningstar, identified by one Detroit newspaper as living in Belleville, was also charged with manslaughter in the April 14 death of Eric Williams, 40, of Detroit.

"When I took the oath of office I swore I would uphold the law," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement announcing the charges. "No one is above the law, not even an on-duty police officer."

Everett police officer charged in sex act, resigns from force

The charge was brought against Blaine E. Lassich, who resigned from the department in March, said Sgt. Boyd Bryant, Everett police spokesman. The charge was filed April 27 in Everett District Court.

The incident reportedly took place after Lassich told the woman to get in the front seat of a patrol car, said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Craig Matheson. He said Lassich then forced the woman to perform a sex act. The act was interrupted by a radio call, Matheson said, and the woman reported the incident to police shortly afterward.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Police utilize Taser to subdue FdL man after traffic stop

Fond du Lac police deployed Tasers five times Friday to subdue a 39-year-old Fond du Lac man following a traffic stop near the intersection of North Park and Ledgeview avenues.

According to the report, police used a Taser to get him to move toward his car to be placed in handcuffs and searched.

Inmate, 33, hit by stun gun is dead

An inmate at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center who the Sheriff's Office said was erratic and violent, died early Friday morning after a night in which he was placed in a restraining chair and stunned by a Taser gun at least twice.

Lawrence "Tootie" Berry, 33, of Gretna, was pronounced dead about 3 a.m. at West Jefferson Medical Center on Friday. The cause of death is undetermined, and an autopsy is scheduled for Monday, Sheriff Harry Lee said.

Man, 44, shocked with Taser dies after struggling with Miami-Dade police

Authorities are investigating the death of a 44-year-old man who died in a jail cell hours after he was shocked with a Taser stun gun early Friday morning.

After Wilson again became violent, officers physically restrained him, police said. Authorities did not say how they restrained Wilson at the jail, but said he was not shocked with a Taser gun. A guard later found Wilson unresponsive inside a jail cell, police said.

"There's not too much information right now," Hall said, adding that the death is under investigation.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Leland Officer Arrested on Drug Charges

MAY 5, 2005 -- The officer in charge of the Leland Police SWAT Team is under arrest.

Police Commander Brett Hobbs surrendered to authorities early Thursday afternoon to face drug charges.

The State Bureau of Investigation booked Hobbs at the Brunswick County Jail. The charges involve making and dealing crack cocaine and lying to authorities.

Hobbs is commander of the Leland Police SWAT Team. He is also the son of Leland Mayor Pro Tem Gordon Hobbs.

Knoxville police officer indicted for woman's death

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- A Knox County grand jury has indicted a Knoxville police officer in connection with the death of a Knoxville woman.

Details of the indictment were released Thursday morning involving officer Donnie McClendon, who faces charges of reckless homicide and aggravated assault after a fatal car crash last year.

Former police commander indicted in City Hall trucking scandal

CHICAGO A former Chicago police commander already charged with corruption in connection with the city's Hired Truck scandal faces new charges.

Fifty-eight-year-old Michael Acosta was indicted yesterday for allegedly pocketing three-thousand-300 dollars that was supposed to pay for a police department luncheon.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Police handcuff 7-year-old outside his elementary school

FALL RIVER, Mass. -- Police handcuffed a 7-year-old boy outside his elementary school this week after he allegedly assaulted three teachers and two police officers.

The boy was handcuffed around his wrists and ankles on Thursday until he calmed down and his mother came to pick him, police said. The boy, who police did not identify, faces assault and battery charge in juvenile court.

Bad Cop, No Donut! - May 05/2005

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This week:

Alabama cop gets 22 years for sex with 12 year old boy

Pennsylvania cop rapes 11 year old boy

South Carolina cop gets 23 years for sex assaults on six elementary students

Virginia cop pleads guilty to sex abuse of three young girls

Tennessee cop cleared in homicide

Wisconsin cop charged with forcing oral sex from woman

Philadelphia cops caught on videotape beating man

2 Witnesses: Texas cop offered me money for sex

Massachusetts cops handcuff seven year-old. Sound familiar?

Son of former Toronto police chief arrested again


Taser news


an interview with Christina Agola, a lawyer who represents two East Rochester, New York, women who were brutalized by police in separate incidents.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

St. Louis officer convicted of making up drug charges

ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis police officer has been convicted of federal charges for making up crack cocaine possession charges against two men.

Man Dies After Being Stunned By Taser

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Fort Worth police said a man died after being stunned by a Taser gun fired by an off-duty officer.

"There needs to be some medical evaluation of how the use of Tasers might interact with pre-existing conditions or intoxication to find out what effect, what unintended effect Tasers might have," said Frank Colosi, of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Brother killed; officer arrested

An off-duty Fresno police officer shot and killed his 34-year-old brother Saturday afternoon in the livin

The homicide marked the second involving a Fresno police officer since 2000. In February 2000, officer Paul Hurth shot and killed his lover's husband, 43-year-old Ralph Gawor. Hurth was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cop Rapes Boy

Hilltown Township Police Officer James G. Kane became an object of community sympathy last year after a drunken driver struck and critically injured him during a traffic stop.

The still-disabled Kane became a target of official scorn yesterday, charged with raping a boy over six years before the accident.

Seattle police officer arrested in DUI case

BREMERTON -- An off-duty Seattle police officer was arrested outside Bremerton earlier this month on suspicion of driving under the influence, a Washington State Patrol spokesman said yesterday.

24-year-old man dead after police use Taser stun gun

PHOENIX (AP) - A 24-year-old man is dead after struggling with Phoenix police officers and being shocked multiple times with a stun gun.

The Phoenix Police Department was one of the first and largest police departments in the country to arm all patrol officers with Tasers. About 1,200 Phoenix officers now carry the weapon.


GWINNETT COUNTY - Frederick Williams last words as he was carried into the Gwinnett County jail were, "Don't kill me, man. Don't kill me." It turned out to be an unheeded plea - minutes later he was dead after receiving 5 direct stuns from a Taser gun in the span of 60 seconds. From Atlanta's NBC affiliate WXIA: