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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut!: January 27/2005

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This week:

California cop on trial for sexually assaulting six women

Another Alabama cop guilty of sexual misconduct

Toronto police beat protesters at York University

New allegations against Wisconsin sex-offender cop

Mass. cop on trial for indecent exposure and gross lewdness

Arizona cop caught with pornography on his work computer

Montana officer accused of using excessive force

Florida cop dumps baby's ashes

and much more incredibly unpleasant stuff!

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Boys arrested for stick figure drawings

OCALA, Florida (AP) -- Two boys were arrested for making pencil-and-crayon stick figure drawings depicting a 10-year-old classmate being stabbed and hung, police said. The children, charged with a felony, were taken from school in handcuffs.

Is this a Police State yet?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Officer Shoots Man During Traffic Stop

LAKELAND - A police officer, cleared three years ago in the shooting death of a 21-year- old Lakeland man, was involved Tuesday in the shooting of a motorist near Interstate 4.

When Officers Doug Brown and Cy Gleaton walked toward the car, it lunged forward, Gillen said.

Brown opened fire, and the driver was hit at least once in the chest, Gillen said.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Cop convicted of child rape

TACOMA - Jurors found a 12-year-old girl believable and Friday convicted a Tacoma police office

The 12-member panel found Michael Torres, 39, guilty of two counts of first-degree child rape and two counts of first-degree child molestation after deliberating for more than a day.

Prosecutors alleged Torres twice had the girl perform oral sex on him during visits at his Tacoma apartment between November 1999 and June 2002.

Officer convicted of rape

SHREVEPORT, La. Shreveport police officer Fredrick Harris was convicted today of raping a woman he stopped for a traffic violation, but acquitted of a separate charge of molestation of a juvenile.

Investigators said Harris stopped the woman, who had two warrants out for her arrest for traffic violations, while he was out on patrol in January 2003. The woman testified in court yesterday that he took money from her in exchange for not bringing her to jail, but then said the money wouldn't be enough.

He then took the 25-year-old woman into custody, and drove her to another location where he raped her.

Police also arrested Harris on one count of molestation of a juvenile for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 14-year-old girl in July 2002, but the judge acquitted Harris on that charge.

Shreveport police said Harris was transporting the girl from a youth shelter to her home when he allegedly pulled his patrol car next to a vacant building and attempted to have sex with her.
Harris was fired in February 2003, a month before a grand jury indicted him on a charge of forcible rape.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Officer found guilty in unarmed boy's death

Houston police officer who fatally shot an unarmed 14-year-old boy was found guilty today of criminally negligent homicide with a deadly weapon.

The verdict against 25-year-old Arthur J. Carbonneau was the least harsh of three decisions jurors could have made in the case involving the shooting of Eli Eloy Escobar II in the head at close range during a scuffle at a northwest Houston apartment.

Bad Cop, No Donut!: January 20/2005

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This week:

Toronto cop gets conditional discharge on assault conviction

Chicago police steal cash from family during search

New Hampshire domestic abuser has charges dropped when cops fail to show at hearing

Kentucky officer pleads guilty to hiring cop sex offender

Students and teacher sue Texas police for brutality at school

Grand jury charges for pot growing Illinois cop

Case dropped against Florida cop who had sex with an inmate

Texas cop beats up two women

and much more incredibly unpleasant stuff!

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Officer Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

BARTOW -- A jury found a former Fort Meade police officer guilty Tuesday of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in March 2003.

Timothy Simmons, 39, was charged with committing a lewd or lascivious battery, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. His sentencing has been scheduled for Feb. 24.

The girl was just getting done taking a shower and intended to go to bed, when she opened the bathroom door, Simmons was right in front of her. Before she even knew what was going on, he pushed her back into the bathroom, closed the door behind them and started to get physically aggressive with her.

The girl, now 15, testified that Simmons slapped her several times and put her in a "choke hold" attempting to pull up her nightgown before pushing her to the bathroom floor.

Before the sexual assault, Simmons -- who had been with the Fort Meade Police Department for 11 years -- was fired on Dec. 12, 2002, for drinking and driving.

Simmons was also accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old Fort Meade woman three times in 2003, but prosecutors chose not to file formal charges against him, court records show.

In 1999, Simmons was charged with sexually molesting a 14year-old girl while giving her a ride in his Bronco. A jury found him not guilty on Oct. 14, 1999.

Police officer found guilty on three charges

A St. Louis County police officer was found guilty Wednesday of second-degree assault against another officer he was dating and of possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Prosecutors argued Thomas Zeigler, 31, shot his girlfriend Patricia March early on the morning March 3, 2003. Both were police officers for St. Louis County.

Prosecutors said March, 31, was shot while sitting in Zeigler's car parked outside his St. Louis County apartment. Investigators said Zeigler fired one shot that struck March in the face.

March survived and has had multiple operations to remove bullet fragments, rebuild her bones and to replace one of her eyes with a glass one. She remains out on disability.

On the day of the shooting, Zeigler gave two detectives several different accounts of what happened, including some accounts that he fired a shot. Zeigler testified at the trial that he told detectives what they wanted to hear because one told him he wouldn't see his children again.

He testified that he didn't shoot March but didn't see her shoot herself either.

March testified last week that Zeigler shot her. She said they got into a quarrel after she told him she was breaking up with him.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut!: January 13/2005

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This week:

Taser International under SEC/Arizona AG scrutiny

2 California cops beat man unconscious and take off

Another death in Jacksonville, Florida, police custody

New allegations against Wisconsin sex offender cop

Tennessee police chief beats grandmother

85 year old beaten and pepper-sprayed by Minnesota cops

Woman sues Louisville police over gunpoint rape by officer

Syracuse, NY, police beat 16 year-oldand much more incredibly unpleasant stuff!

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Taser Offers Police Officers Stock Options

Stun-gun maker Taser International Inc. came under increased scrutiny Wednesday from analysts after the company president told a newspaper that four active-duty police officers were offered stock options for law enforcement training programs they supervised.

Cops use taser to subdue nude jogger

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. Jan 13, 2005 — Arkansas' naked jogger has been zapped.

For months, officers have been getting reports about a man making late-night runs in the buff. On Monday, police said they think they got their mystery jogger.

Fate Patterson, 39, of West Memphis, was arrested after he ran past a police car and failed to stop when he was ordered to do so by officers. Police chased him and were able to rein him in by using a Taser.

Monday, January 10, 2005

85-year-old says police roughed him up

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) -- Police said they are investigating an incident in which an officer pepper-sprayed an 85-year-old man during a traffic stop.

Leon Nins said officer Michael Lee also beat him after he took too long to stop his car.

Leaders of St. Paul's NAACP chapter and St. Paul African American Leadership Council alleged that race was a factor. Nins is black.

Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops

If you're ticketed by Green Bay police, you'll get more than a fine. You'll get fingerprinted, too. It's a new way police are cracking down on crime.

If you're caught playing your music too loud, or other "crimes" for which you might receive a citation, Green Bay police officers will ask for your drivers license and your finger.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut! Radio Show 01-06-05

Florida man dies after police shoot him with taser

Police in San Mateo County kill two people

New brutality charge against Jacksonville, Florida police

Broward County Sheriff's Office detectives invent confessions to improve crime stats

Chattanooga police fired over beating of homeless man

Jamestown, New York, officer appears in court to face stalking and harassment charges

Trial of Rhode Island officer who beat up two women begins

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Cop with drug-use Web site to face trial

Detroit, MI, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A 31-year-old police officer in Detroit is charged with giving stolen drugs to addicts to induce them to get drugs from his Internet web site.

Ceiere Campbell, who faces trial next week, told U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff he has no intention of pleading guilty in the case. Opening statements in the case are set for next Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Campbell, who had been with the police department for eight years before being suspended, was accused of giving marijuana, crack cocaine and heroin to at least 50 people so he could photograph them using the drugs on his Web site.

He allegedly charged a credit card access fee for customers to view the footage, the charges said.

Campbell previously worked in the narcotics section, and prosecutors alleged that the drugs were stolen during narcotics raids.

Officer arrested in drink-drive case

AN investigation is under way after a police officer was arrested in connection with a suspected drink-driving offence.

The South Wales Police officer, who was arrested on Thursday night and later released on police bail pending further inquiries, has been suspended from duties.

East Baton Rouge officer arrested, accused of stealing $200,000

BATON ROUGE, La. Officials say a lieutenant in the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office was in the parish jail today after being accused of stealing more than 200-thousand dollars, plus drugs and guns, from the evidence room.

An arrest warrant alleges that Lieutenant Gwendolyn Carroll, the sheriff's evidence custodian, was arrested yesterday (Tuesday), after a search of her house turned up scores of evidence envelopes stashed in 18 gallon plastic tubs.

The warrant says Carroll stole the money, drugs and guns over a six-year period.

Carroll faces counts of tampering with evidence, theft, theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine.

Oklahoma City Police Officer Arrested On Drug Complaints

CHANDLER, Okla. (AP) An Oklahoma City police officer is released from the Lincoln County jail following his arrest on a drug trafficking complaint.

The 41-year-old police officer was arrested Wednesday after authorities searched his rural residence near Carney. Lincoln County Assistant District Attorney Jeremiah Hagemeier says 34 grams of methamphetamines was found, along with drug paraphernalia.

Oklahoma City Police Captain Jeffrey Becker says Lowry is a sergeant with the department and had been working there since 1985. He was assigned to dispatch at the time of his arrest and is on administrative leave with pay.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Taser Gun Death Under Investigation

PACIFICA, Calif. -- Pacifica police are investigating the death of a man who was shot with a Taser gun.

Officers say they were called to Inverness Drive on a report that a person needed medical help.
When they got to the scene, officers said, 30-year-old Greg Saulsbury was combative with them.