Cop Watch

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut!: February 17/2005

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This week:

One third of Waterford, NJ, cops now fired

FBI probes Plum, PA, cops

Oakland police fail to keep "riders" settlement promises

Former Iowa cop get life in prison for selling crack

Indiana cop fired

Tennessee cop fired

New stun gun deaths

Orange County Sheriff accused of cover-up in shooting by off-duty Homeland Security officer

Alberta police chief fired

Toronto police union boss arrested again

The aftermath of LAPD shooting of a 13 year-old

Chicago police kill 14 year-old

Ten more counts of obstruction for Mississippi officer accused of stealing cash from Latino drivers

and much, much more!

This week's show also features a special report from WBAI's Fred Nguyen about a recent police killing in Newark, New Jersey.

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