Cop Watch

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Miami Police Officer Arrested On Birthday, Charged With Bribery

MIAMI -- It wasn't quite the birthday party one Miami police officer expected when he was arrested Wednesday on felony charges of unlawful compensation.

David Donaldson
Police said David Lee Donaldson took $200 from a suspected drug dealer in exchange for inside information. Donaldson was celebrating his 50th birthday.

Authorities said Donaldson has been dealing with known drug dealers since the 1980s.

"It's always a sad day in the Miami Police Department when you have to arrest one of your own," Chief John Timoney said.

Donaldson, a 23-year Miami Police Department veteran, has been reprimanded before. He was suspended in the 1990s for unlawful compensation, official misconduct and filing false insurance claims.

In all three instances he was not prosecuted and admitted back on the force.

Attempts to reach Donaldson at his home were unsuccessful.

Donaldson was released on a bond of $7,500.