Cop Watch

Monday, November 14, 2005

Shreveport Officer Accused of Brutality

A Shreveport police officer who is no stranger to controversy is now accused of police brutality. The claims were lodged by a fellow officer and a Shreveport resident, according to Capt. Mike Clary with the department's Internal Affairs Division. News 12 has learned they concern the actions of Cpl. Kevin Strickland.

Shreveport resident Debra Turner said the alleged incident happened in late September at her home on Silver Pine Lane in southwest Shreveport. She said Strickland arrived with another officer, Cpl. Tisha Lensey, and attempted to arrest her oldest daughter, Makiya, 25.

"So when he began to handcuff her, she opened the door and she ran in and locked up in the bathroom," she said.
Turner said Strickland then turned his anger and attention toward her and another of her children, Demiya, 24.
"He's steady using force pushing me and pushing me and then he slams me on the floor."