Cop Watch

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Detention Center Officer Arrested

JACKSON, MS - A detention officer with the Jackson Police Department, who is also an alderman for the city of Goodman, has been arrested and charged with sexual battery.

Police say 44-year-old Johnny Tillman was arrested for a sexual assault that occurred on August 30th. Tillman is accused of forcing an 18-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him. The boy had been arrested and was being processed at the Silas Brown facility. The 18-year-old reportedly saved DNA evidence, and after a probable cause hearing before County Judge Mike Parker Tillman was arrested. He is being held at the Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond on $10,000 bond.

Jackson Police Chief Shirlene Anderson says Tillman also maintains residency in Gallman, Mississippi. She says the investigation is ongoing.