Cop Watch

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lawsuit filed against cops accused of tasering mentally disabled man

(CHICAGO) - The family of a mentally disabled Chicago man is suing police officers who used a taser on him last month. The family says 54-year-old Alfredo Lee Florez is too frightened to go anywhere on his own after the incident.

According to the lawsuit, two plainclothes policemen dragged Florez to the ground outside a neighbor's home on South Aberdeen. Witnesses shouted to the officers that Florez was mentally disabled and couldn't understand them.

The lawsuit accuses the officers of shooting him three times with the taser and beating him.

"The force escalated, and once the force escalated it just didn't stop until he was struck by the final officer that came running out of his car. In other words, he was tasered, went down to the ground, and a police officer came up and ran out of his car and struck him while he was on the ground," Blake Horwitz, Florez' attorney.