Cop Watch

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Officer arrested for drug trafficking

Known drug traffickers were seeking out one of Honolulu's finest to help move their meth.

That's the word from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration tonight.

The latest police officer charged with trafficking ice is accused of providing the means and the muscle for known drug dealers to do their jobs.

James Leslie Corn, Jr. turns 27 this week. If found guilty, he will be 37 before he can hope to get out of prison.

Corn was picked up after undercover agents arranged for him to accept a backpack carrying two pounds of crystal methamphetamine.

"Mr. Corn was assisting several documented, identified, known drug traffickers, using his position of public trust to provide inside information as well as providing security in several drug transactions," says Tony Williams, DEA agent in charge.

Based on Corn's alleged confession, the lure of easy money and a personal cocaine habit contributed to his downfall.

In three years on the police force, Corn already had been in trouble for threatening people. Honolulu police helped the local/federal task force make this case.

Corn is also said to have accessed police computers that contain personal data about people, and to have sold one dealer an unregistered gun.