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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Police killings (interviews with family members)

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Family & Freinds of two people killed by police
Sue Reardeed mother of Eric Kleemeyer killed by Santa Clara police
January 4th 2005 also Anita Martinez family freind of Samuel Martinez killed by San Jose Police on may 26 2005 Also updates from behind bars Jail the Oppressor Free the Oppressed airs on Free Radio Santa Cruz every 2nd Saturday at 5:30 tune in 101fm or streaming live at

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An emerging problem

PETERSBURG -- Around midnight, Oct. 13, 2003, Petersburg police officers Michael A. Tweedy and David E. House stopped a driver to question him about a hit-and-run incident.

The driver, a meat worker named Lamont Cortez Koonce, ran away but was eventually tackled and doused with pepper spray.

As Koonce was on the ground and House was trying to handcuff him, authorities said, Tweedy accidentally sprayed himself and went into a rage.

According to Koonce's attorney, Tweedy kicked and stomped on Koonce's head repeatedly, walking away and then returning to continue the blows as Koonce lay motionless, gurgling his own blood.