Cop Watch

Monday, March 07, 2005

Mother of teen hit with Taser 16 times plans to sue

PORTAGE, Ind. - A woman says police shocked her teenage son 16 times with a stun gun, causing him to temporarily lose his memory, and she plans to seek damages.

Sherry Davis and her attorney said they plan to file a tort claim with the city within a week to 10 days.

Davis said her son, Jim Wring, 18, still does not remember anything except blinding flashes of pain from the night of Nov. 2. She also said her son, who was hospitalized for three days, did not recognize her until the afternoon after his run-in with police.

Portage police went to the home of a friend of Wring's after a caller reported that he was choking.

Police reports said Wring was acting strangely and would not cooperate with officers.Wring eventually took an "aggressive stance," and police warned him and then shot him with a stun gun, police reports said.

So now people can get tased with 50,000 volts for standing the wrong way.