Cop Watch

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bad Cop, No Donut!: March 17/2005

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This week:

Ontario cop busted for grow op

Toronto cops spent over $30 million settling lawsuits

Retired Quebec cop charged with sex assault

Illinois cops suspended 30 days for shooting unarmed man who posed no threat

NY cop charged in conspiracy to defraud retirement home

Kentucky officer pleads guilty in child pornography case

West Virginia cop charged in domestic beating

Mississippi cop accused of brutality resigns

NYC detectives murder for organized crime

2 Boston cops sentenced for teen beating cover-up

PA cop charged for beating man outside bar


A report on Toronto police brutality at a peaceful rally at York University


An interview with an anti-taser advocate whose brother, Robert Bagnell, was killed by a Vancouver police stun gun in June 2004.